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About LAC

What is the origin of the company name?

At the time the company was founded the Internet was still in its nascent stages, and the late Gen Mishiba foresaw that the development of a networked society that would make the world smaller in terms of space and time. Inspired by this future vision, he named the company Little eArth Corporation. The second letter in "Earth" was chosen for the abbreviated company name because the pronunciation of LAC in Japanese is similar to the English word luck, which is associated with good luck and auspicious conditions.

What business areas does the company operate in?

LAC is a software vendor with strengths in cybersecurity services in the information and communications field.
For more information, see Corporate Profile.

What operations does the company conduct and what are their strengths?

LAC provides security services, an area in the industry that it pioneered, as well as a wide range of systems integration services as an independent IT vendor. Our strengths are our highly competitive and unique services, and our solid customer base consisting mainly of large corporations.
For more information about our business operations, see Our Business.

When was the company established?

On October 1, 2007, LAC Holdings Co., Ltd. was formed through the management integration of two companies, the former LAC and A&I System Co., Ltd.

What is the history of the company?

The LAC of today was formed through the management integration of three companies. 2007 marked the integration of the former incarnation of LAC, founded in 1986 as a systems development company involved in cybersecurity services, and A&I System Co., Ltd., founded in 1987 to build and operate core systems for financial institutions.
In 2012, the former LAC and A&I System became integrated with IT Crew Co., Ltd., a subsidiary established in 2008 as a dealer selling servers and network equipment, and the three companies were absorbed by LAC Holdings Co., Ltd.
For more information, see Corporate History.

About Management

What is the corporate philosophy?

LAC's corporate philosophy is "Our goal is to become an indispensable member of society by constantly evolving and continuously growing with a high level of sustainable corporate management."
For more information, see Corporate Philosophy.

What is LAC's profit return policy?

In order to keep LAC's stock stable over the long term, the foundation of our dividend policy is our continuing to maintain a stable dividend. The basic indicator for the dividend is a share capital dividend rate (DOE) of 5%.
For more information, see Shareholders Return.

What are your corporate governance initiatives?

Based on our management vision of living together in harmony with all stakeholders and contributing to the creation of a safe and abundant future, we established a basic philosophy of building a governance system that enables the effective and efficient management necessary for achieving sustainable growth and increasing corporate value.
For more information about these initiatives, see Corporate Governance.

What are LAC's initiatives in the area of ESG?

Please see our ESG homepage for our stance on ESG and our specific initiatives in that area. ESG-related data from the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016 to the present can also be downloaded from the link below.
ESG Data

About Financial Results and Conditions

What information do you have about trends in financial performance?

For more information about financial performance trends, see Financial Information and ESG Data.
In addition, our financial data from the year ended March 31, 2008 to the present, including financial conditions and performance, is available at the link below.
Financial Information Data

Where is information concerning financial results available?

For more information about financial results materials, see IR Library.

About Stock

What is LAC's ticker code?

The ticker code is 3857.

Where is LAC's stock listed?

It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, STANDARD.

What is LAC's stock trading unit?

The stock trading unit is 100 shares.

I'd like to know about the proportion of shares held by individual shareholders.

For information about major shareholders and the distribution of shares by shareholder type, see Shareholders.

What is the fixed date for the payment of dividends to shareholders?

March 31 and September 30 every year.

Where can I learn about the company's history of dividends?

For information about the dividends history, see Shareholders Return.