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24-Hour Consultation, No Reservations Necessary

Emergency Inquiries: Cyber Emergency Center ®

If you are in an emergency situation, please contact us now [Cyber Emergency Center]

Mid-Term Management Plan

We formulated the new mid-term management plan for three years (FY2024-2026) in May 2024.

As cyber threats become more serious and demands for national security increase, we, as a group with expertise in cybersecurity measures, are united in our efforts to solve social issues for the purpose (significance of existence) of "Building a Trusted Society With Reliable Technology."

Awareness of the Business Environment

As digital utilization becomes more diverse, extensive, and deeper, cyber threats become more serious, and demands from a national security perspective are also expected to increase.

We are aware that society and customers are surrounded by various potential issues, centered on how they should pursue cost-effectiveness that justifies digital utilization, including responding to threats that are becoming more complicated and sophisticated, and ensuring resilience throughout supply chains.

Awareness of the business environment surrounding LAC

Requests to LAC

What we are requested to do is to play the role of a group with expertise in cybersecurity measures, equipped with knowledge (intelligence) based on about 30 years of experience in the field.

We have identified two areas that we must address in order to solve issues faced by society and customers: "Respond by leveraging automation and AI"; and "Respond with comprehensive service capabilities."

In addition to digitizing experts' know-how by fully utilizing AI and offering sophisticated and cost-effective services, we provide one-stop and optimal services against cyber threats that are becoming more complex and sophisticated than ever before. Furthermore, we will work to provide services that connect to measures for middle-scale and small and midsize companies that have yet to enter the market in earnest.

Requests to LAC concerning Social Issues

Towards Mid- to Long-term Value Creation

We set mid-term management plan targets with the continuous growth of existing businesses at the center. These targets aim for further growth by not incorporating the results of discontinuous growth in added value and productivity in existing businesses into our numerical targets in order to create new value.

Towards mid- to long-term value creation

Management Plan Goals

The new mid-term management plan targets net sales of 60 billion yen, operating income and ordinary income each of 4 billion yen, and ROE of 15%. We will continue the policy of shareholder return with DOE of 5% as the basic indicator, by taking into account investment and the status of cash flows from a medium- to long-term perspective.

New mid-term management plan goals

Steady Progress in New Value Creation

The two keys to new value creation are the promotion of "AI x Security" and the establishment of an "Integrated security service platform." We combine AI and engineering to enhance the added value and productivity of security services, while striving to create a security tool that can compete on the international stage.

Steady progress toward new value creation

Mid-Term Management Plan Briefing Materials