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Emergency Inquiries: Cyber Emergency Center ®

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Mid-Term Management Plan

In June 2021, we established a new three-year mid-term management plan covering FY2021 through FY2023.

The central theme of the plan is "Creating Shared Value and Tackling New Challenges". We are aiming for sustained growth and evolution through co-creation in the security and system integration businesses as we work toward our vision for the future amid the rapid societal changes that IT innovations and digital transformation are bringing about.

Creating Shared Value and Tackling New Challenges

Our Mission

Transformative changes are occurring with increasing frequency both in society and the business world. For us to continue to evolve and grow amid this changing environment we believe it is important for us to clarify our mission, which we have redefined as follows: "Leverage our strengths in IT and cybersecurity to tackle societal issues, support the country's development, and safeguard people's livelihoods". All LAC employees will be working together as a team to accomplish this mission.


Three Growth Strategies

In response to environmental changes such as the acceleration of the digital transformation of society and corporations, increasing intensification and sophistication of cyberattacks, and increased linking and utilization of digital data, we have established the following three growth strategies: "Endurance", "Adaptability", and "Leveraging digital capabilities". We aim to accelerate our growth by creating a business platform that generates more cash while also investing to enhance our adaptability to market changes.

1. Endurance

  • Improve productivity of core businesses and overhaul cost structures
  • Shift from one-off business to recurring business
  • Leverage LAC brand recognition to grow our businesses

2. Adaptability

  • Strengthen cloud solutions in growth fields
  • Digitalization of business know-how and enhancement of customer services
  • Enhance original services and solutions line-up

3. Leveraging digital capabilities

  • Thoroughgoing digitalization of management and business administration and operational processes reform
  • Develop unique business platform system and flexibly respond to business opportunities
  • Acquire new customers with digital marketing and digital sales
Endurance, Adaptability, Leveraging digital capabilities

Business Targets

Our business targets for FY2023 (the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024) are, net sales of 55 billion yen, operating income of 3 billion yen, and ROE of 10% or more. In line with our three growth strategies, we will work to expand revenue in both the security business (which we have positioned as our engine for growth) and the SI business.

Business Targets

* Regarding the full-year forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024 against the business targets, and its differences between and progress against the mid-term management plan, please refer to "Financial Results for the Year Ended March 31, 2023" released on May 12, 2023.

Mid-Term Management Plan Briefing Materials