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24-Hour Consultation, No Reservations Necessary

Emergency Inquiries: Cyber Emergency Center ®

If you are in an emergency situation, please contact us now [Cyber Emergency Center]

LAC Falcon®

LAC Falcon

"LAC Falcon" gathers and analyzes logs from various security surveillance devices. By providing our customers with interactive communication tools, we offer support for security surveillance and its operations.

What is LAC Falcon ?

LAC Falcon is an original, in-house developed system. It is based on the knowhow that JSOC, a security monitoring center run by LAC, accumulated through 15 years of experience in security monitoring and operation. It truly inherits the DNA of JSOC Security Analysts. It embodies LAC's wisdom and intelligence of security services, and enables quick and advanced incident response that can only be provided through our system.

LAC Falcon can also visualize various incidents and risks, and with this , we offer further support for implementing and building "PSOC®" (Private Security Operation Center) and "CSIRT" (Computer Security Incident Response Team).

System Overview of 「LAC Falcon」

System Overview of LAC Falcon

  • Collection/Detection Subsystem: Provides logging function from respective sensors
  • Analysis Subsystem: Provide analysis function of logs output by respective sensors
  • Management Subsystem: Provide functions for both customers and business operations

Features of「LAC Falcon」

Trusted by 850 users based on our track record in the past 15 years

Our 15 years of experience and solid track record in security monitoring/operation is the biggest strength we have that no other players in our industry have. Over the years, security analysts at "JSOC" developed logging techniques, analyzing skills, communication skills, and incident response skills. All these form the basic concept of LAC Falcon.

High-speed processing of massive amount of data with our original analysis engine

Today, "LAC Falcon" processes over 800 million logs a day. This gigantic amount of logs are screened multiple times by our original analysis engine that acts as the "eyes" of our security analysts ensuring that data is processed at high speed accurately.

Enabling Interactive user communication

The system provides a web portal which enables interactive communication. It is also equipped with history management and file transferring functions. Notifying customers, checking or gathering security information and reports, accepting inquiries from customers, can all be done through this system. By stable and smooth operation management using the ticket system, LAC Falcon further satisfies our customers' security needs.


Since "Lac Falcon" is compatible with firewalls, IDS and IPS by multiple vendors, you can choose any security monitoring equipment that best suits your organization's environment *Compatible vendors: Cisco, CheckPoint, Juniper, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, McAfee, IBM, Sourcefire, SecureSoft, FireEye

Multi-tenant support

Our system enables multi-tenant management, which allows single management of multiple tenants. We can respond to customization needs with flexibility by managing different environments and security levels from centralized control.

Support Menu

We provide support menu for implementation and operation of "LAC Falcon" based on your requirements. Please contact us for any inquiries.
*Examples of support menu

SOC Implementation / Operation Training

Advice for building SOC / Advice for building Operation Structure

Q&A Support

Q&A response regarding operation of "LAC Falcon", operation of security equipment, and detected incidents

Incident Analysis

Further analysis regarding incidents detected by "LAC Falcon".

「JSOC」(Japan Security Operation Center)

(※) JSOC uses Forensic SIEM technology provided by Assuria Limited.