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24-Hour Consultation, No Reservations Necessary

Emergency Inquiries: Cyber Emergency Center ®

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The CloudFalcon system gathers, aggregates, and analyzes logs from a wide range of security monitoring devices. By providing our customers with flexible cloud platform-based services in addition to a web portal-based interactive communication tool, we offer solid support for security monitoring and security operations.

What is CloudFalcon?

CloudFalcon is an automated system that provides advanced, high-quality security monitoring. It is based on LAC Falcon, a security monitoring and analysis system utilized in the JSOC Managed Security Service that we provide to large corporations.

In addition to the various analytical rules developed for the LAC Falcon system, further analytical rules generated from the threat intelligence data of our various organizations working at the forefront of cyberattack countermeasures, such as the JSOC and Cyber Emergency Center, will also be incorporated into the CloudFalcon system on an ongoing basis. This facilitates advanced, high-quality security monitoring without the need for the judgment of expert security analysts, and since the system operates on a cloud platform, costs and operations-related workload can be reduced considerably.

CloudFalcon System Overview

CloudFalcon System Overview

Features of CloudFalcon

  1. The use of a cloud platform facilitates flexible compatibility with a wide range of company sizes, environments, and service levels.
  2. An advanced, high-quality, automated log analysis engine that harnesses LAC Falcon intelligence data.
  3. Incorporates various analytical rules from the LAC Falcon system.
  4. Updated on an ongoing basis with analytical rules covering the latest security threats.

Enabling Interactive User Communication

The system employs a web portal as a tool that facilitates interactive communications such as alert notifications to users, confirmation of security information, receipt of reports, and the sending of user inquiries. The use of well-ordered and robust ticket-based operations management further increases user peace of mind.

Multi-Vendor Compatibility

CloudFalcon has multi-vendor compatibility including compatibility with firewalls and unified threat management (UTM), enabling customers to select the security monitoring devices they require for their particular operating environment.

Compatible Products

List of products compatible with the CloudFalcon system.

Palo Alto Networks PA Series
Fortinet FortiGate Series
Sophos XG Series
Sonicwall TZ Series
WatchGuard Firebox Series
Check Point Software Technologies 700 Series, 1500 Series
Microsoft Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
CrowdStrike CrowdStrike Falcon

CloudFalcon is also scheduled to be made compatible with endpoint products such as WAFs, proxies, and DNS resolvers.

Multi-Tenant Support

The CloudFalcon system facilitates multi-tenant management (centralized management of multiple tenants). Multiple tenants with differing environments and security levels can also be managed centrally.

Some of the Companies Using CloudFalcon

(via LAC Co., Ltd. subsidiary LAC CyberLink Co., Ltd.)

SOMPO Risk Management Inc.
(via LAC Co., Ltd. subsidiary LAC CyberLink Co., Ltd.)