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Emergency Response Service to quickly support our customers during security-related emergency cases.
If you are in an emergency situation, please contact us now [Cyber Emergency Center]

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24-Hour Consultation, No Reservations Necessary

Emergency Inquiries: Cyber Emergency Center ®

If you are in an emergency situation, please contact us now [Cyber Emergency Center]

Business Overview

IT Total Solutions

We provide IT total solutions based on advanced security technologies.

LAC supports your business

LAC supports your business through reliable, integrated services and market-leading security.

Today more than ever, information security is a critical business issue. It's also an important part of a company's social responsibility.
At LAC, we support each customer in their unique IT strategies, offering reliable safety and security for their businesses.

Consulting Services

We conduct detailed surveys and interviews to identify your management issues and propose an optimal solution that reflects your company's information security needs.

System Design

Our wealth of experience and insights allow us to create the optimal design for your secure systems.

System Integration/System Development

We develop secure systems from a multilateral perspective including operation phase.

Operation and maintenance

We support your operations and help maintain your systems, all from a security-focused approach. This means you can rely on a secure IT environment for your business applications.

Our strength in security technologies

Why LAC is a leading information security provider

In 1995, when the-Internet was little more than the domain of few technicians, LAC took the initiatives among Japanese corporations in providing information security services. Since then it has consistently endeavored to bolster and develop the information security field. The favorable reception of these steady efforts has led to LAC being invited by government agencies to provide support for security measures. LAC supports today's advanced IT society in its role as industry leader.

Our professionals providing information security support

Japan Security Operation Center(JSOC): Japan's largest security operation center

Security professionals in all types of cyber threats at JSOC on call 24/7/365, protecting you in the ever-changing cyber environment.

Security Assessment Service:
overwhelming record of success

In 1995, LAC introduced Japan's first-ever security assessment service. These security assessments have amassed an overwhelming track record of success in their use by many corporations, government agencies, and organizations. Experts armed with extensive experience and knowhow investigate security defects and propose appropriate solutions.

Cyber 119: Acclaimed and trusted
emergency response

Experts receive security emergency requests involving information leaks, cyber attacks, and the like, providing support by putting their accumulated response experience and knowhow to use everything from security failure recovery and safeguards to recurrence prevention and advice to keep your business going.

Advanced Research Center for Cyber-security

Our Advanced Research Center for Cyber-security serves an especially important role as of the foundation of our security business. This research center collects information from a wide range of sources, performing analyses for information security measures that relate not only to means of defense but also to the latest attack methods and more. The results of such extensive efforts are like those of no other company, all going to support our services here at LAC.

Security Academy cultivating information security human assets

An old Japanese saying: "People are the castle, walls, and moat." In other words, the most important element in ensuring information security is the cultivation of capable human resources (human assets) who understand advanced information security. LAC has set the standard for global information security education, providing practical education support.