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Taking full advantage of cutting-edge technology to make way for the future.

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24-Hour Consultation, No Reservations Necessary

Emergency Inquiries: Cyber Emergency Center ®

If you are in an emergency situation, please contact us now [Cyber Emergency Center]

Purpose, Vision, Value

LAC defines its purpose, which indicates the significance of our existence, as follows.

"Building a Trusted Society With Reliable Technology."

As the digital society becomes more sophisticated and complex, we will build safe and secure social infrastructure by utilizing a variety of highly sophisticated technologies and realize a society where people can support each other and be happy.

A society that believes in each other, A society that believes in growth, A society that believes in the future

We aim to "become a role model for surviving in the digital society. "

We will continue to maintain the pioneering spirit that has led Japan's cybersecurity, protect people's activities in an increasingly deepening and sophisticated digital society, drive the culture of the security industry, and serve as a role model for surviving in the new era.


We will fulfill our mission by leveraging the following four capabilities.

As a company whose operations ensure the safety and security of society, we act sincerely with professional ethics at the core, rapidly dealing with customer, social, and future issues through our capability to take on challenges without being beholden to precedent or existing methods, capability to pursue better solutions, capability to accomplish goals without giving up, and capability to unite, thereby believing in and empathizing with employees.

Sincerity, Capability to take on challenges, Capability to pursue, Capability to unite, Capability to accomplish goals

Three Policies for Our Growth Strategy

In response to operating environmental changes due to the acceleration of digital transformation within the Company and in society, the increasing severity and advancement of cyberattacks, and data linkage and utilization, we formulated three policies as part of our growth strategy : endurance, adaptability, and the utilization of digital technologies. We thereby aim to accelerate growth by building a foundation for generating higher profits and advancing investments for adapting to market changes.

1. Endurance

Enhancement of earnings power of two core businesses: security and system integration
Increase in added value of our services

Improvement of core business productivity and transformation of cost structure
Automate services, optimize operations, and enhance sales and income per employee through information technologies such as AI
From one-off business transactions to recurring business transactions
Continue to increase customer satisfaction through appropriate management of existing customers and flexible sales that utilize digital technologies
Expansion of businesses that leverage awareness of the LAC brand
Differentiate from the competition through branding power and reliability in the security industry

2. Adaptability

Determination to create new opportunities for growth by flexibly adapting to market changes

Reinforcement of cloud solutions in growth domains
Focus on growth markets and strengthen structures such as those for service development and provision and technological training
Digitalization of business knowledge and advancement of customer services
Take on the challenge of co-creation projects that support the business management of customers through the digitalization, integration, and utilization of security business knowledge by leveraging AI and other technologies; provision of more advanced services to customers; and utilization of digitalized knowledge
Reinforcement of our unique services and solutions
In addition to current unique services and solutions, create new, unique services and solutions that utilize the LAC brand through research, service development, cooperation, M&As, and other methods

3. Utilization of digital technologies

Transition to data-driven management through digitalization of management and business
Transfer of our digitalization knowledge to customer services

Thorough digitalization of management and business administration and transformation of operational processes
Optimize management resources by comprehensively leveraging management data and business data
Development of unique business foundation and flexible response to business opportunities
Aim to improve productivity and expand into untapped markets, such as small and medium-sized enterprises, by gradually developing a customer service platform enabling the Company to better understand the status of customers and provide even more closely tailored services
Cultivation of new customers through digital marketing and digital sales
Develop new customer segments and prospective clients by incorporating digital marketing, sales promotions, and sales activities