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LAC and Assuria (UK) Form Strategic Alliance in Cybersecurity Services

To provide security solutions for Japanese companies operating overseas

29 JUL 2019 | Press

LAC Co., Ltd. (LAC) (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President & Representative Director: Itsuro Nishimoto) and Assuria Limited (Assuria) (Headquarters: Reading, UK; CEO: Terry Pudwell) announced that they have formed a strategic alliance focused on the security monitoring field for enhancing the security measures of Japanese companies who have expanded their operations overseas.

As cyberattacks become more diverse and sophisticated, security measures have become a major issue for Japanese companies that have expanded their operations to the rapidly-growing ASEAN region and other countries overseas.

Based in the United Kingdom, Assuria develops and provides software products for cybersecurity monitoring and vulnerability assessment software that are used by organizations in over 20 countries around the world, and it has earned a strong reputation for its products, which are currently being used in key infrastructure companies in numerous countries. Operating within LAC, the Japan Security Operations Center (JSOC®), which is Japan's largest SOC, has been using Assuria's log collection and log management products for more than eight years since 2011 and has built a relationship of trust with Assuria.

As a part of its plan to expand its overseas businesses both from Japan and ASEAN region, LAC will use Assuria products, which have proven results in the overseas market, and its accumulated knowledge of cybersecurity and operations gained in Japan to collaborate with Assuria to jointly develop and launch security services for companies based overseas. Based on this alliance in ASEAN region, LAC and Assuria are looking at its business expansion to the rest of the world.

Through this strategic alliance, LAC is targeting ASEAN business accounts for 5% of its total cybersecurity sales in 2025.

Key Points of Strategic Alliance

Launching of business as OEM provider of Assuria products

JLIST®, which is LAC's extensive knowledge base of threat intelligence in database format, is incorporated into Assuria's key SIEM product *, ALM-SIEM. As an OEM provider of this product, LAC will start to deploy automated security monitoring services with low operational burdens in Japan and other ASEAN countries.

Oversea expansion of FalconNest security analysis tool

The FalconNest security analysis tool developed by LAC will be marketed overseas in collaboration with Assuria. This tool which facilitates initial response, contributes to early detection and damage control of incidents that have occurred at customer's overseas sites.

Joint development of new security solutions

Both companies will leverage their combined expertise in development and information collection and their operation experience in developing log analysis systems to develop new security products and services to be launched in Japan and overseas.

Looking forward, LAC will work to support the business growth of their customers by providing security solutions that focus on this era of ever-changing security needs.

* SIEM: Security Information and Event Management
This product provides not only alerts for security devices, but it also has functions for receiving and analyzing the activity information (logs) of various devices used in companies and is effective in analyzing the details of a cyberattack from the logs of multiple products.

About LAC Co., Ltd.

Established in 1986 for a system development project, LAC develops infrastructure systems with many achievements such as development of the Financial Infrastructure System. In 1995, LAC pioneered the first information security business in Japan, and as the leading company in the cybersecurity field, it offers the most advanced total IT solutions using the industry's cutting-edge technology to customers such as government agencies, companies and organizations.

About Assuria Limited

Based in the United Kingdom, Assuria has been a developer and provider of software products for cybersecurity monitoring and vulnerability assessment software or over 15 years since 2004. Solutions provided by Assuria are being used in organizations in government agencies and private companies in more than 20 countries around the world, including the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Hong Kong, and it has built a reputation of strong technological capability for meeting changing cybersecurity needs, such as compliance with the security requirements in the EU General Data Protection Regulation and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and developing measures for protecting against advanced cybersecurity attacks.

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