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CYBER GRID JAPAN Publishes 2nd Report "Attackers That Target Critical Infrastructure Providers in Japan"

04 NOV 2016 | Information

Tokyo, Japan - Nov 4, 2016 - LAC Co., Ltd. published its English version of "CYBER GRID VIEW vol.2".

This report provides information on the results of analysis regarding Daserf (a type of malware that is used in targeted attacks aimed at critical infrastructure providers in Japan) and the attackers using it.

Japan has seen an increase in targeted attacks that use sophisticated methods to relentlessly attack the companies targeted. Especially, in June 2015, the Japan Pension Service sustained a targeted attack, resulting in the leakage of a huge amount of personal information. Thereafter, similar attacks against many organizations and companies in Japan, including local governments and universities, have been exposed, and the term "targeted attack" became widely known to the public. At the time of writing (June 2016), a large travel agency had sustained damage due to a targeted attack, announcing that it was very possible that personal information was leaked. The methods used in these targeted attacks have become more and more sophisticated. Thus, there is not just the risk that information is stolen from the company--there is also the serious risk of increased repercussions affecting business continuity.
NISC has reported that the number of attacks against critical infrastructure providers, including those related to information communication, finance, aviation, and electric power, has increased significantly from 124 in FY2014 to 401 in FY2015. As the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are scheduled for 2020, it is more likely that attacks against critical infrastructure providers and infrastructure related companies will further increase. Under these circumstances, through this report, more or less, we hope to contribute to the consideration of countermeasures against Daserf attacks.

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